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FFW Spotlight

John Gaddis

Everybody has a story and we enjoy sharing our members accomplishments.  Take care of your body and it will take care of you.


I'm John Gaddis. I'm an athlete and recovering addict. My journey started with watching the CrossFit Games and thinking to myself, I can do that. I found the nearest CrossFit affiliate in the area and got to work. I started training in January 2018 at Family Fitness Works in Richmond, Indiana. CrossFit became such a huge tool in my recovery process. It provided me with a welcoming community and support system that was very important in early recovery. It also gave me an outlet to unwind that pent-up energy while making me feel strong. Many times, in a workout I just want to give up; the voices tell you you're not good enough, you'll never be good enough.  But, when you keep going and you persevere, in that moment you're a champion. That discipline to come in and give it everything I've got, keeps me from relapsing.


The trainers at FFW CrossFit were very helpful and helped me learn all the movements and coached and babied me through the infant stage in the beginning. And I was a baby, I crawled out of there many times at the end of a hard WOD. They helped instill that "better every day" mentality in my life, and to continue every day. I'm grateful for that. I take that with me to every aspect of my life.


I started at 185lbs; I've lost 10lbs but continue to gain strength every day. To me CrossFit is more than an exercise program, it's an outlet, it's a cheap therapy session, it's a way of life. You give it everything you can, and you reap the rewards. A big thank you to Family Fitness Works and the CrossFit community within.

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-Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

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